recycleFor over 25 years Sound Building Supply has taken steps to better equip our facilities to be conscience of the environment that surrounds us. Being located in a metropolitan area provides us the necessary recycling services, so that all scrap metal that comes out of our building is disposed of properly. We recycle our waste metal monthly.

Sound-Lok™ metal roofing is completely recyclable for future generations, though because of our warranty and craftsmanship – you won’t be recycling your roof for many, many years! The paint process combined with fabrication of the metal used to manufacture the roofing are all in compliance with the Environmental Protection Agency, and are held to the strictest standards.

Sound also stocks low VOC caulking in a wide range of colors. Though the state of Washington has yet to make low VOC the standard in the adhesives market, Sound still subscribes to the idea that eliminating as many Volatile Organic Compounds in home building and maintenance as possible. VOC’s will readily evaporate at room temperature, and can become a health problem when not monitored.

Material donations to organizations like Habitat for Humanity have kept Sound Building Supply involved in our local community. We have also taken part in construction projects such as Extreme Home Makeover, who have procured Sound metals, and all of this keeps us at Sound proud of what we do and who we are.