Our Team

We have been in business for over 30 years and have over 200 years of employee experience in roofing and construction. We specialize in customer service, and stand behind our product—we are second to none. There is no job that is to big or to small, and even if you might think its impossible, it will just take Sound Building Supply a little longer!


TJ Wuelfing

Operations Manager/Inside Sales

TJ came to Sound in 1990 to work in our shop after meeting Darrel Wilkins. In 1997 he moved from the shop to sales and operations. He has purchased practically all of the lines at Sound, and has extensive adhesives, siding accessories knowledge, metal roofing and special fabrication.


Jason Dvorak

Logistics/Inside Sales/Purchasing

Jason started in the warehouse in 2002, before moving in to the office in 2006. He participates in much of the purchasing, inside sales with metal roofing, warehouse and shipping management, inventory control, and works closely with both our Oregon and Alaska regions.


Robert Martinson

Outside Sales

Robert began where most employees in the office at Sound start, in the warehouse in 2006. He took on inside sales and accounts receivable in 2008, and moved to outside sales in the South End and Peninsula Territory in 2011. He specializes in our Lead Board Line as well as metal roofing.


Stacey Wisner

Inside Sales

Stacey started work again at Sound in 2006, purchasing product lines, and in inside sales.


Bud Duman

Manufacturing Supervisor

Bud has been with Sound Building Supply since 2006 working on machines and with employees in our Manufacturing Department, and with product supply management. His specialty is figuring out hard to bend flashings and he prides himself on safety.


Matt Rhinehart

Warehouse & Manufacturing Supervisor

Matt is our warehouse and manufacturing supervisor and also works in inventory control and shipping.


Anthony “Tony” Ausler

Outside & Inside Sales

Tony started in our flashing fabrication department in 2011 transitioning to inside sales/accounts receivable and now working in both inside sales and as an outside salesman in the Northern Washington territory.


Diana Lee Boynton

Office Manager

Diana has worked with Sound for almost 25 years, specializing in Human Resources and sales. She also spends time in Accounts Payable and is our Office Manager.