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With so many options available when it comes to deciding what type of roofing to use, compare the advantage of Sound-Lok metal roofing. Sound-Lok is a versatile option with its beauty, strength, durability, light weight, energy efficiency, non combustibility and other ecological features. Sound-Lok metal roofing will not crack, shrink, chip, attract moss, rot or erode. Minimal maintenance is required. It is noncombustible and meets building and fire codes.

Despite it’s light weight, Sound-Lok is environmentally friendly and is 100% recyclable. In the Pacific Northwest, year round weather can vary greatly, testing even the toughest roofing materials on the market. Sound-Loks metal roofing system is backed by our limited Lifetime Warranty which is second to none in the industry. Whether you live on the Coast, Puget Sound or the Alpine areas, Sound-Lok Metal Roofing will provide you with a dependable, attractive and environmentally sound alternative to composition, slate or tile roofing materials.

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The Sound-Lok concealed fastener standing seam roofing system is well suited for residential and commercial roofing applications where durability, long term energy savings and aesthetics are primary considerations. Although equally strong under most conditions, we leave the choice of the size of the panel up to you. Some of the long-term benefits of metal roofing are, longevity, lighter structural load, increased fire resistance, greater color choices and its an environmentally friendly product. We take pride in providing you the best service, highest quality metal roofing and an extensive line of accessories.


Sound-Lok color options

Choose from these beautiful color options from Sound-Lok. We also have metallic finishes in Galvalume and Copper.

Sound-Lok Install Guide

Tuff Rib Panels

36 inch coverage exposed fastener panel system, available in 29 gauge Galvalume or G-90 galvanized steel with SMP (Silicon Modified Polyester) finish.


The Tuff Rib exposed panel system features 36” coverage panel that is suitable for either roofing or siding applications. Tuff Rib panels can be installed over purlins, over sheeting, or skip sheeting. For siding applications, a purlin spacing of no more than 36” is recommended, and for roofing, a spacing of no more than 24” inches on center. Tuff Rib panels also provide similar long term benefits that include less weight on structure, improved fire resistance, numerous color choices and an environmentally friendly product. A Sound-Lok or Tuff Ribb roof, if properly installed, will provide many years of service with a minimum of care and maintenance.

Tuff Rib color options

Choose from these beautiful color options from Tuff Rib. We also have metallic finishes in Galvalume.

Tuff Rib Install Guide

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We manufacture a complete line of metal roofing products in a variety of colors. Our experts can match the right product for your specific application, just give us a call.

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