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Sound Building Supply manufactures flashing for the roofing and siding industry, including both residential and commercial. We have many stocked profiles, and can build custom flashing with little lead time. Consider Sound Building Supply first when you go to bid your next project.



Flashing can assume a number of forms:

Roof Flashing is placed around gaps or objects which protrude from the roof of a building (such as pipes, chimneys, valleys, sidewalls, and edges of the roof) to deflect water away from seams or joints.

Wall Flashing these may behind the siding to direct water that has penetrated the wall or applied in a manner intended the prevent the entry of water in to the wall. Wall flashing is typically found at interruptions in the wall, such as windows and points of structural support.

Sill Flashing is a concealed flashing that is ordinarily placed under window sills or door thresholds to prevent water infiltrations at those points.

Base Flashing found at the base of the wall, and generally incorporates through-wall flashing and is usually placed at the building grade or at a point where a roof intersects a wall.

Sound Building Supply flashing products provide:

  1. Fastest Quote and Build turnaround time in the industry – usually 24 hours or less
  2. Stock Standard flashings available at all times, and in several typical profiles to help you get on your way
  3. Custom fabricated flashings: coping metal, gravel stop, fascia cap, scuppers etc in all gauges and paint
    systems as well as 16oz & 20 oz copper, 24 & 26 gauge Stainless steel and aluminum flashings. All
    flashings can be provided for our Sound Loc metal roofing system also.
  4. Architectural standing seam metal roofing and flashing systems
  5. ASTM rated; 12 gauge thick (galvanized) to 28G thinness (in both colored and bare metal)
  6. Job site delivery in the Pacific Northwest (Washington & Oregon)
  7. PPG Kynar 500 ULTRA-Cool and PC3200 paint systems in a wide variety of colors
  8. CAD-generated roofing designs, and special fabrication mock ups for submittals

What flashing product do you need and how can we help?

We can customize any flashing product to your exact specifications, allow our team of extremely knowledgeable sales men and women to draft, design and manufacture the exact flashing materials you require for your project. Call us today or fill out the form by clicking on the button below.

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