Special Fabrication

Special Fabrication

In our special fabrication department, we manufacture specific ventilation, water infiltration and roof drainage components. If you can draw it, we can make it! Simply give us a call today or click the button to fill out the form to get started. We look forward to working on your custom project today!


Custom Fabrication Templates 2023


We are a “Sound” choice for Fabrication.

Special Fabrication was developed at Sound to ensure that every odd application and strange scupper was accounted for in the building process. Whether you have a difficult area to flash, a corner and saddle that seems impossible, or an old and existing collector box to match or remake, we have you covered! Solving problems that seem impossible is this department specialty, and we take pride in helping find a solution to strange and out of the ordinary flashing scenarios.

  • Have a flow thru that is causing a headache?
  • Need a scupper that seems impossible to fabricate?
  • Exasperated by a chimney cap application?
  • Copper?
  • TPO?
  • PVC?

We Can Help! Even if its not something we can fabricate in our shop, we will help you come up with an answer to your flashing demands. Focusing on CAD drawings, customized soldering and swift turnaround allows us to concentrate on specific applications and make your project a success. At Sound we have always said – If you can draw it, we can make it and if there is a solution to your problem, we will come up with it. We do have one exception to that rule – the goal in flashing is to provide you with a barrier to leaks, so if your drawing or idea might become problematic, we won’t let that happen!

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